I just finished reading Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella and am currently reading Secret of Ka by Christopher Pike (not the character from Star Trek, though that would be cool too).

Remember Me? is the story is about Lexi Smart. She starts off the story with a loser boyfriend, crappy job, no money and a less than ideal body (in her opinion). She also has great friends and an almost fanatical love of toast. She gets into an accident and wakes up to find that it’s 3 years later. Lexi finds that she is now in the body of a model, is the director of her own department and married to a multimillionaire, but has no friends. She has no idea how she got to this point struggles with amnesia, trying to piece together the last 3 years. At first glance it seems like a Cinderella story, but the more she finds out the less happy she is.

It’s quite a cute story and I devoured it quickly. Sophie Kinsella has a lot of books, the most well known being her Shopaholic books. I never really got into them, but I do enjoy her stand alone books. I read them ages ago, so I’ll probably pick them up again and tell you guys about them one day. I do recommend them for reading, specifically this one and Undomestic Goddess. They’re light and easy reads, but tackle the concept of what it is that makes people truly happy.

I’m only part way through the Secret of Ka right now. It takes a while to get into, but I try to give books a chance so I’m still reading it. The story is set in modern day Turkey and features a magic carpet and djinn (genies). So far now djinn have shown up, but the magic carpet has taken the two main characters, Sara and Amesh, out to sea and they’ve landed on an unknown island. I can’ reveal more for now, since I don’t actually know what happens from here.

The other thing I’m reading is the second set of proofs for my novel. On the last few chapters now and it’ll get sent in for corrections and a final review, then off to the presses!

Thank you guys for stopping by, sorry it’s such a short one this week.

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