I’ve read One for the Money by Janet Evanovich once before. I feel like the first read through was a lot better. More of the comedy came through on my first read, but I found that the second read was a lot darker. The violence and fear felt more powerful and I didn’t actually enjoy it the way I had the first time. When I first started the series I devoured the first dozen in a few weeks, now I’m not sure I want to read the follow ups. It is well written, and while there are elements of comedy there is a lot of violence, sexual and otherwise, so just be aware of that if you decide to check them out.

I’ve also finally finished reading Anne of Avonlea, the 2nd in the Anne collection by Lucy Maud Montgomery. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy this one as much as I did Anne of Green Gables, or as much as I anticipate enjoying Anne of the Island. It’s sort of like a limbo book, where Anne hasn’t embarked off to school or found love, but she’s also past all the newness of her initial experiences at Green Gables. It’s still well written and Anne is sweet, but in my opinion this book lacks the brightness of the first.

I have lots more reading to do and hopefully the next review will be much happier. Keep on reading.

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