I have always loved writing. I suppose it began with school projects; poetry, creative writing, independent study projects. I wasn’t necessarily very good when I started out, but like all things, practice makes a difference. I’ve written my way through hundreds of thousands of words, in half created or barely started original novels, in countless fanfiction and assorted poems. It was a massive achievement for me to have actually finished a length project. It took so long to finished Hades and Persephone that I thought I never would. I did though and it felt amazing.It’s certainly not the first, nor the last novel I’ll be undertaking, but it is the most important, because it’s the first one that was finished and the first one that the world will get to see.

Writing is really fun. In some ways historical and mythology fiction is still a bit like fanfiction. You see the story, but you’re able to craft it in a way that you want, change character personalities and events, make it more yours, but there’s still characters that people will recognize.

I like creating people and worlds, manipulating old stories into newer ideas, making unfamiliar myths or people more accessible to the modern world. I won’t give away the topics of future books, but I plan to stick with mythology for a while, but also digging through history to find some interesting characters. I have a few in mind, but those will be surprises for the future readers.

I would love to one day have writing as my career, but that is less up to me and more up to the reading population of the world. I’ll keep writing even if it doesn’t amount to a full time gig, just because I love it. I don’t ever find it to be work and more often than not I can’t wait to see where the stories will go. I have no shortage of ideas, all that’s standing in my way is the time and discipline to get them written.

I want to be a writer because it’s a fun thing for me to spend my time doing, even the edits and re-writes and the frustration over something not going how you want it to go. I love all the parts of it, all the work that goes into making a book into reality. I’m happy to do it, and I’ll keep doing it so long as it stays something that makes me happy. It’s on almost a twenty year stretch so far, so it seems to me like it’ll manage for a while yet.

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