Not going to lie, writing, or doing much of anything, when you’re sick is no fun. Suffering from a cold and headache for almost two weeks now has definitely slowed me down, but I’ve still kept trucking along as best I can. Seems to be the season for random illnesses and sometimes you just can’t stop working.

It’s pretty hard to go through your life never getting sick, so I always try to be prepared so when it hits me I have as little work to do as possible. I bulk cook so that I always have a freezer full of meals, which is a blessing when I barely want to move off the couch. I also try to keep relatively tidy so I don’t stare at the mess and stress over it not getting done.

I try not to do too much work when I’m sick. Usually my go to is research. Collecting information, even if I don’t really understand what I’m reading at the time, gives me something to do towards my goal. I can sort through what I’ve gathered when I’m feeling less foggy and still feel productive since I did something.

It’s important to work when you feel least awful too. I used up most of my brain power the last couple weeks on my full time job, but luckily I usually feel best early afternoon, which hits at my lunch hour so I can still get some writing done. Make sure that you rest as well, if you can swing a nap, do it. If you can’t, at least make sure that you’re fueling your body with good food and lots to drink.

Most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re sick, you’re sick and you need to take care of your health first. Write whenever you feel able, but don’t push yourself too much.

Now I’m off to sleep to work on recovery.

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