Hello wonderful readers!

Back in January I set down my goal to have another book ready to go within a year. I want to be accountable to both my readers and to myself. I thought that a good way to let people know that I’m keeping up with that goal would be to create an upcoming projects page on my website.

You can see them all here: http://www.erinkinsella.com/upcoming

I will update the page likely once a week and I will be providing both the word count (as applicable) and the status. For status, this relates to which draft I am writing and whether I am working on planning, researching, etc.

Currently I have seven other projects in the works, with majority of the effort going towards the second book in the Olympian Confessions universe, an additional mythology novel and a fantasy novel.

It might seem a little bit odd that I have such a variety of genres in my projects, but I have a lot of stories to tell. More than likely they will settle more around the historical/fantasy realm, but I want to test my limits with some previously untouched genres.

Thanks for stopping by!


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