Welcome to World Changing Women, today we are exploring the story of Bana and Fatemah Alabed.

Bana and Fatemah Alabed are a mother/daughter pair living in Aleppo right now. For the past three months they have been using Twitter to show and expose what is happening there. They live tweet through bombings and issue pleas for help, for the thousands still trapped within the city.

Bana is only seven years old and she has lost her home and countless people. A child has watched her friends and family die and I can’t even begin to get through her tweets without crying. It’s not easy, with all of the things going on in the world, to find the strength to pour your soul into caring for so much. I don’t know if there’s a way to help, at this point it doesn’t seem like anyone can get in or out. For now we can spread her message and pray.

Bana and Fatemah are connecting the world to a place that terrifies people, but needs to be seen. They are showing us a place where there is no medicine and no food left, a place where bombs and gunfire are the lullaby they fall asleep to, a place where they fear death each day and there’s nothing they can do to stop it or escape. It’s easy to disconnect because of the fact that Aleppo is a long way from us,  but without feeling connected to something there can be no change. Bana and Fatemah matter, their lives are important, the lives of those trapped in Aleppo are important and they deserve more than to be forgotten by the rest of us.

Bana and Fatemah, if you read this, I am with you in spirit. Stay safe. Love and peace to you both and all those with you.

Please go to her Twitter https://twitter.com/AlabedBana

Thank you



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