Favourite YouTuber Spotlight – Chase Holfelder

Hey guys, It is time for me to share Chase Holfelder with you! He has an amazing voice with a lot of power and creativity behind his music. He has a really interesting series on his channel that takes popular songs and redoes them in the minor key, which gives them a deep, eerie quality. […]

Favourite YouTuber Spotlight – Malukah

Malukah has this amazing ethereal quality to her work and I know her best for her video game music and collaboration with Peter Hollens and Taylor Davis. Many of her videos are simple with her playing guitar and singing, but it’s just beautiful and I love listening to her. Check out some of her videos […]

Favourite Author Spotlight – Stephanie Thornton

  Stephanie Thornton is one of my absolute favourite authors in the wonderful realm of historical fiction (and most other realms too). She has made it her mission to pluck obscure women from history and breathe new and vibrant life into them. I pretty much just wait impatiently for all of her new works, but […]

Favourite YouTuber Spotlight – Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is a crazy talented violinist who invigorates every project she approaches. She is practically a wizard and I’m constantly in awe of her wicked skills. She’s also a pretty fabulous dancer and managed to teach herself, so there are double the points there. She has incredible variety in her work and does a […]

Favourite Author Spotlight – Maria V Snyder

Maria V Snyder is one of my favourite authors (in case you hadn’t guessed by my What I’m Reading blog posts :P) and so today I’m spotlighting her. She crafted the worlds of Sitia and Ixia, the former a wild land of magic, the latter a strict military regime, in which her Study/Glass series takes […]