Favourite YouTuber Spotlight – Alex Boyé

Alex Boyé is fairly recent discovery for me, but I’m totally hooked. He brings an amazing Africanized twist to popular music and it just takes the music to a whole other level. He’s been involved in music since the 90’s and even performed alongside legends like George Michael. He was part of the boy band […]

Favorite YouTuber Spotlight – Brizzy Voices

Hey guys! If you are ever in need of a cheer up or just enjoy some hilariously fun videos, might I suggest you take a peek at Brizzy Voices? Anna Brisbin is particularly known for her impressions, but has been branching out with some singing videos, tutorials, vlogs and other assorted hilarity. She’s great to […]

Favorite YouTuber Spotlight – Randy Schuit

Hey all! Welcome to Favorite Fridays! I stumbled across this hidden gem of a singer while searching for Hamilton covers (I know, surprise, right?). Her name is Randy Schuit and I decided to reach out to her directly to get some fun info for you guys 😀 Turns out she’s as sweet as she is talented. […]

Favourite Fridays! Ravens

There are few birds in the world that have more mythology associated with them than the Raven. I’ve been kind of fascinated with them since I visited the Four Corners region and one casually flew after me the entire time I was at Hovenweep National Monument. A lot of ravens are fairly tame (and by […]

Favourite Fridays! Hamilton Musical

I adore musical theatre and I adore history. As you can imagine, when those things are combined I get even happier. When I took a course on early American history in University I was constantly on the lookout for music that would help me study. Some random songs had a few gems of information, such […]

Favourite Fridays! Movies – Mists of Avalon

Welcome to Favourite Fridays! Today I want to tell you about a movie that’s been one of my favourites since it came out in 2001. The Mists of Avalon is based off the book of the same name by Marion Zimmer Bradley and is the story of Camelot, but told from the perspectives of the […]

Favourite Fridays! Seven of Nine

Welcome to Favourite Fridays! Usually I write about YouTuber and Authors, but I’m mixing it up a little bit today and writing about one of my favourite characters. On a quest to introduce me to Star Trek, my husband has finally succeeded in making me a trekkie. My favourite series would have to be Voyager, […]

Favourite YouTuber Spotlight – SuperCarlinBrothers

Hey guys! Welcome to Favourite Fridays! I love theory videos, so you can imagine my joy when I initially discovered the SuperCarlinBrothers. They have theories covering a wide range of fandoms; Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. They also have a variety of videos besides theories including Fast Facts, Google Autofill and Loot Crate […]

Favourite YouTuber Spotlight – Jonathan Young

I discovered Jonathan Young through another of my favourites, Malinda Kathleen Reese. They recently did a collaboration of Phantom of the Opera which I’ll post below. He has a delightful expressiveness when he sings and an almost ridiculous level of intensity in his music (in a good way). He always looks like he’s having the […]

Favourite moments of Summer

This summer seems to have gone by so quickly. Between an intensive day job and writing most evenings and weekends, the days slipped past almost without my knowing. Much of the summer has been devoted to work, but there are a few times where we took some moments and devoted them to exploring the world […]