Back from Holiday!!

I was on holiday for not quite a week and I got so little accomplished XD We went to Vancouver for a combination of business, personal and family visit. The first half of the trip was kinda whatevs since my husband was at work all day and it was so foggy I basically stayed all […]

Creating Believable Settings

Setting is the lifeblood of your story-world. You need it to be believable and engaging so that readers can slip into this place you’ve created. In some ways this can be easier when you’re creating a fantasy because you are the only expert on the world you’ve made. If you’re basing your story in a […]

Catching up

I’ve been sick for over two weeks and also dealing with a sick husband towards the tail end. I’ve gotten next to nothing done. It’s incredibly frustrating, because I want to write and behind the fog of exhaustion, fever and sniffles, there’s a story ready to pour out, but I can’t quite grab it. I […]

Back to writing!

I almost forgot how much I love writing until I couldn’t do it for a while. Over a week without writing made me a little crazy, but I was sick with a flu (I assume) and my fevered brain just refused to focus long enough to get out more than a couple sentences. It drove me […]

NaNoWriMo is here!

We’re officially into National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). For anyone who doesn’t know, this is an international, Internet based event in which participants try to complete a 50,000 word novel within 30 days.It’s been going for 17 years now and thousands participate every year. I’ve never used NaNoWriMo as it’s intended, instead I usually use […]


Hey guys, Welcome to this video on Storytelling with my friend Lauren. Today we explore the same story from multiple angels to see how things change based on who tells it. Thanks for stopping by! -Erin

The Muse Demands

Sometimes the muse in my head demands that something be written. It doesn’t much care if I’m on a deadline or if the new story it’s concocted is at all related to anything else I’m working on. All it cares about is that it gets onto a page right now. Tonight the muse has fallen […]

Setting up the Setting

Setting is one of the things that I initially struggle with in my first drafts. I’m really bad for having my characters almost free floating with no discernable location. Much of the time the setting doesn’t become fully realized until I go back and add it into scenes. I think the difficulty with it is […]

Pushing Your Limits

Sometimes the only way to see where your limits are is to push yourself past what you think they are. Since I started on this writing journey I’ve set increasingly more difficult goals for myself. The only way to avoid being overwhelmed is to plan and to be extremely dedicated. The schedule I’ve set for […]