My First Book Club!

Tonight I attended my first book club as an author guest! It was an amazing experience! They did a Greek theme to accompany my first novel, Olympian Confessions: Hades & Persephone. It was a great opportunity for me to hear from my readers about their impressions, what they enjoyed and what worked in the books. […]

Productivity For The Win

A blissful week’s vacation has just ended. I have to say that I was almost more productive than I anticipated I would be. Traditionally when I have all the time in the world I get easily distracted and don’t focus the way I need to. This time I set myself a goal of 1,000 words […]

Flipping the Classroom

As we get back into the new school year I can’t help but think about the amazing changes that are slowly making their way through the education systems of the world. With the rise of STEM, STEaM, forest schools and flipped classrooms, there are more options than ever for children to find their talents and […]

The New Mythologies

There are books and games in the world that are getting to be just as cemented in the general psyche as the mythologies of old. Where we once had Virgil and Homer, today we have JK Rowling and G.R.R. Martin. While I might personally be more familiar with traditional mythology than the average person through […]

The Purrfect Companion

Cats are awesome. I’ve shared many pictures and even videos about my fuzz bundles, but I don’t think I’ve done a blog about them before. Cats kind of get a bad rep about being aloof and not caring about their people, but that’s never been true for any cats I’ve had. They have distinct personalities […]

Creative Differences

Not everyone is going to like what you do. Art in all it’s forms is subjective and sometimes people are going to have different opinions. It doesn’t change the value of what you do. Just remind yourself, haters gonna hate, there’s nothing you can really do. Not everyone is going to love the same things […]

Meet Persephone!

Anyone who’s seen the cover of my book will be familiar with my first blog guest!  Kristen Antunes is the talented, intelligent and beautiful face of Persephone! I hope you all enjoy getting to know her as much as I did! Erin: Where did you grow up and what is your favourite part about the […]

Goodbye Papa

Today was supposed to be another vlog, but unfortunately life got in the way. I have one prepared, but I’m posting this instead. Today I found out that my grandpa passed away. He wasn’t really sick and there’s no confirmation yet on what exactly happened. I just talked to him on Thursday and all seemed […]

New Avenues

A lot of writers may focus on a single genre, but I want to be one of the few that covers multiple genres. I have a lot of stories to tell and they don’t fit into any one genre. I feel like I have too many ideas to limit myself and even if not all […]

Inspiration strikes

Sometimes you’re sitting and doing nothing in particular and you’re struck with that lightning bolt, that burst of inspiration. Sometimes it’ll hit you and you have hours of ideas pouring out of your brain and through your fingers onto the page, other times you may only get a few minutes, but it could still be […]